Give your members the ability to conveniently sell their products and services online. 


Launch a Marketplace to showcase small business stories, drive traffic to their online Storefronts and provide technical assistance to ensure their success. 

You have the freedom to develop local through OneCityMarket.com

Offer these benefits to your members.

Support Unlimited MEmbers

By launching a marketplace, you can invite an unlimited number of relevant members to join.

Increase brand Awareness

Maximize the exposure of your members with content creation and distribution through our digital channels.

Drive Local Business

With the use of branded catalogs, gift cards and discount codes, your organization can help inspire donors and locals to purchase from your members.

Technical Assistance

Provide access to cohort training and one-on-one technical assistance for members that need additional support.


Marketplace Account
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 Marketplace SolutionsStandard Includes
Branded Catalog on OneCityMarket.comx
Branded Gift Cardx
Branded Discount Codex
Marketplace Performance Reportx
Marketplace Profile Page on JoinOneCity.comx
Blog, Social Media, Email Featuresx
Email Supportx
Training Videos/FAQsx
Member Onboardingx
Cohort Training Sessionx
Member SupportSupport Unlimited Membersx

Frequently asked questions

We’re excited about your interest in becoming a partner. Here is how to get started Start Here

To factor our definition of “Local”, we think in terms of a  50 mile radius between any given member in the One City Community. (i.e. Shoppers, Vendors, Marketplaces and Sponsors)

Our definition of “Small Business” is in alignment with  SBA standards Click Here 

As a local association, you can offer unique benefits to a cohort of your members when you develop with One City. Click Here

To learn more about our data services, check out One City Insight Click Here

We drive traffic to our platforms with various mediums (i.e. blogs, social posts, press releases, in-person invitations, etc.) 


To learn more about our media services, check out One City Story Click Here

Learn more about Marketplace Account onboarding Click Here


As a partner with Downtown Sacramento partnerships, we have proudly taken the Downtown Healthy and Safe Pledge.

Have your voice heard by a real human being. Please share your excitement, questions, comments or concerns with us using this contact form. 

One City can be contacted here.

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Marketplace Account

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  • Marketplace Feature (JoinOneCity.com)
  • Catalog Feature (OneCityMarket.com)
  • Custom Marketplace gift card
  • Branded discount code
  • Access to One City Story services
  • Access to One City Insight services
  • Member cohort training (E-comm)
  • One-on-one technical consulting
  • Account Support (In-Person)

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Explore the most convenient ways to shop local.

Explore the most convenient ways to shop local.