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One City helps small local businesses and its community see clearly and make data informed decisions. 


You can develop a stronger relationship between your local consumers and your small retail business by launching an online marketplace on OneCityMarket.com.  When you sign up for your Digital Storefront you will receive the benefits below.


You can request to be included in our seasonally themed StoryBoxes that we offer on OneCityMarket.com.  

We deliver goodies produced by our community in educational and engaging packaging. By participating you will receive the benefits below.


You can offer unique benefits to a cohort of your retail-focused members by launching a Digital Retail Community on OneCityMarket.com. Each member of your community will receive the benefits below.


You can sponsor the development and launch of a Digital Retail Community on OneCityMarket.com

One City creates and manages digital marketplaces sponsored by community-focused organizations. These sponsored marketplaces are a place for business chambers and PBIDs to offer free access to their members while weaving them into a larger, community-building narrative. As a Presenting Sponsor, you will receive the benefits below.

Discover regional market demand by watching local consumer trends.