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Create the opportunity for small business sustainability in your region.

Showcase economic responsibility and deliver a powerful community-centered marketing message by offering local business communities the opportunity to develop and train their members.

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Sustainability For Small

Sponsor training, technical assistance and marketing to ensure the sustainability of small business growth.

Performance Reports

Receive information on marketplace performance and consumer trends. These reports empower your organization and the community with the power of data-informed decision making .

Strategic Marketing

Develop and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage and achieve goals for your organization by investing in your community.

Social Responsiblity

If you have the ability to sponsor small business growth you should. Directly supporting the backbone of our economy is a great way to give back and do your part to empower local growth.


Your Local Community
$ 6,000 Annual Service Fee

Sponsored community must have an active Marketplace Account

 Sponsorship SolutionsPer Community
Marketplace Performance Reportx
Sponsor Profile on JoinOneCity.comx
Blog, Social Media, Email Featuresx
Sponsor Profile Video (30-60 Seconds)x
Marketplace Profile Video (30-60 Seconds)x
"Presented by" Brandingx
SponsorshipsSponsor 1 Marketplacex


One City Market
$ 50,000 Annual Service Fee
 Sponsorship SolutionsOne City Market
Offer Subsidized Platform Feesx
"Powered by" Brandingx
E-Comm Starter Kitx
SponsorshipsSponsor Unlimited Vendorsx

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Frequently asked questions

We’re excited about your interest in becoming a partner. Here is how to get started Start Here

To factor our definition of “Local”, we think in terms of a  50 mile radius between any given member in the One City Community. (i.e. Shoppers, Vendors, Marketplaces and Sponsors)

Our definition of “Small Business” is in alignment with  SBA standards Click Here 

Have your voice heard by a real human being. Please share your excitement, questions, comments or concerns with us using this contact form. 

One City can be contacted here.

Explore the most convenient ways to shop local.

Explore the most convenient ways to shop local.