Last updated: 7/7/2021

Account and Performance Status

Performance Status.
Performance status allows you to understand if you’re meeting One City Inc.’s performance expectations. Your Performance Status will be in one of the following:

Performing: You are meeting all performance targets. With this status you may earn more sales on One City Inc. by continuing to improve and demonstrating distinguished performance. Although these targets are the foundation for good service, we encourage our Vendors to excel in their performance as an opportunity to earn more sales on One City Inc.

Underperforming: You are below one or more performance targets. This status might negatively affect your account and/or the number of sales assigned to you, and it can even result in the suspension of your Vendor privileges.

Account Status.
Account status determines your ability to sell services on One City Inc. Your Vendor Account status can be one of the following:

Active: Your Vendor account is able to sell on One City Inc. and funds (payments) will be disbursed on the normal schedule.
Under Review: Your Vendor account is able to sell on One City Inc., but is currently under review by One City Inc.. Funds are withheld for 90 days or until the review is completed, whichever comes first.

Suspended: Your Vendor account is not able to sell on One City Inc. and funds are temporarily withheld. Suspensions may be communicated with an automatic reinstatement date that doesn’t require you to take action, or you may be required to take action before reinstatement—usually by submitting an improvement plan. Funds are withheld for 90 days or your account is reinstated to “Active”, whichever comes first.

Best Practices For Great Performance
– Confirm an appointment time for all orders within 1 business day.
– Carefully read and complete the full scope of work for each service or job.
– Discuss and clearly communicate change orders with customers before starting service or as soon as the need for a change is discovered.
– Make every effort to honor the scheduled appointment time. If you will not be able to make the scheduled time, work with the customer to find an alternate time as soon as possible.
– Make sure to bring all the tools needed to complete the service.
– Some sales might require more than one person. Make sure enough people are dispatched for the job.
– Provide helpful and timely post-transaction support (answering phone calls or messages, follow-up visits, repairs, refunds) to help ensure customer satisfaction.
– The day before the appointment, touch base with the customer to confirm scope and, if possible, communicate a specific arrival time within the arrival window.
– On the day of the appointment, let the customer know when you are on your way. Show up and leave on time.
– Check that the customer is satisfied with the service before finishing the job through the mobile app.
– Take notes or photos, with customer authorization, of the workspace or product condition before and after the service.
– My account has been suspended or blocked, how do I appeal?
– We evaluate your performance against these Service Level requirements and give you visibility to metrics. If your Vendor privileges have been suspended or blocked due to failure to meet service level requirements, you can appeal the decision by submitting a reply to the suspension message by filing a form here, including an improvement action plan. Your suspension notification may also indicate a reinstatement date, and your account will be reinstated after that date without any action on your part. If your suspension notification has no reinstatement date or indicates a permanent suspension, you are required to submit an improvement plan in order to be considered for reinstatement at One City Inc.’s discretion.

If these requirements, including all of the policies that make up these requirements, are found to be unenforceable, that part will be limited to the minimum extent necessary so that these requirements will otherwise remain in full force and effect. Our failure to enforce any part of these requirements are not a waiver of our right to later enforce that or any other part of your agreements with One City Inc.