One City is a retail platform that provides software and services to support the growth of small local business communities.

We are here to help local small businesses share their stories, sell their products and understand their local consumers with the power of community.

Background & Context

With over 2300 retail-focused businesses in the City of Sacramento representing approximately 23,000 jobs, a healthy retail industry is a key component of the city’s quality of life, economic stabilization, and growth in our tradable sectors. 

COVID-19 has forced many retailers to immediately create an online option for consumers to continue to purchase products so that the business can survive and continue to stay relevant in the new economy. While some have been able to make this transition, many of the smaller businesses continue to struggle. 

One City has developed resources that assists businesses in stabilization, restarting, and recovery through e-commerce training, technical support, bulk advertising and access to a broader customer base  on our online-sales platform.

Our platform One City Market provides our cities small businesses with a mechanism to start or expand their online presence. 

One City Market helps the businesses reach customers they would not have access to through a comprehensive digital platform with back-end analytics that enables small business owners to grow their revenue while learning how to utilize data to make stronger business decisions. 

In addition, it focuses on selling curated boxes of products from selected businesses to add increased sales for the businesses. This, in turn, increases revenue for the businesses themselves and for our city.

Shop & Sell Local

Our vision is providing the easiest way to shop and sell local.


We make it easy for you to buy what you love, from the people you love.


We curate, distribute and produce content to help small businesses share their stories and reach broader local audiences.


We offer software and services to help small local businesses and our partners see clearly with data and reporting.


We offer training and consulting to empower small local businesses and our partners to take impactful action with live marketplace data.


Learn more about the Founder, an Economic Developer and Entrepreneur who provides software & services to support the growth of local small business communities.

Our Team

Christian Bruce

Economic Developer

Founder & CEO 


Kenneth Weddle

Board Chair & CFO


Jordan Cote

Board Member